Project stargate

project stargate

Project star gate is the collective name for advanced psychic functioning or remote viewing experiments and programs that were undertaken for over twenty years to. The latest tweets from stargateprojectde (@sg_project) offizieller account der deutschen stargate-community stargate-projectde --- impressum:. - project stargate - the star gate project is the codename for a us military run project set over 23 years between 1972-1995 in aim of creating trainable, repeatable. Stargate is a science fiction media franchise based on the film written by dean devlin and roland emmerich the franchise is based on the idea of an alien einstein. 10 the navajo necklace commonly found in the stargate documents are handwritten records of remote viewing sessions with simple sketches and graphics.

The fallen angels the so-called experts of the history channel’s ludicrous ancient aliens series are actually crackpot researchers who, with the assistance of. Metaphysical and psychic phenomena have long existed on the fringes of conventional science and academia, in spite of extensive mention of these practices down the. Project stargate was officially concluded in in 1995, when the existence of the program was declassified, with the cia reporting that it hadn’t proven useful enough. Culture cia releases psychic experiment documents stranger things got it wrong it was the cia and the department of defense, not the department of. Project stargate goals • explore use of optiportals as petascale supercomputer “scalable workstations” • exploit dynamic 10 gbs circuits on esnet.

From psiexplorer website recovered through waybackmachine website the remote viewing (rv) work at sri (1972-1990) and at saic (1990-1995) is unique in the. Project stargate, nottingham, united kingdom 214 likes 3 talking about this this is a project devoted to peace in our time it is a monolith, a. Stargate origins s01e06 watch online, stargate origins 01x06 episode free, stargate origins season 1 episode 6 project free tv, stargate origins season 1 epis. Project stargate: cia, dod had a well-funded secret program aimed at developing psychic abilities.

2 the nsa´s mission and the nsa´s domestic intelligence operation communications intelligence blanket coverage of all electronic communications in the us and the. Library our open-source library houses the thousands of documents, periodicals, maps and reports released to the public. The stargate project was the umbrella code name of one of several sub-projects established by the us federal government to investigate claims of psychic phenomena.

Title: project star gate subject: project star gate keywords: approved for release 2000/08/08 :cia-rdp96-007898003300210001-2 secret noforn star gate limdis project. Stargate project was the code name for a secret us army unit established in 1978 at fort meade, maryland, by the defense intelligence agency (dia) and.

Project stargate

The cia has revealed details of its project star gate mission to develop psychic abilities for the first time the revelations come as part of a huge dump of. “the star gate project” what is it did the us government really shut it down.

Project stargate may sound like something out of a science fiction novel, but for years taxpayer cash funded experiments with psychic powers subscribe. 'stargate' remote viewing cia programme aimed to find out whether humans could be coached to be psychic. Click to join our chat the stargate project was the code name for a secret us army unit established in 1978 at fort meade, maryland, by the defense intelligence. Looking at the cia-sponsored psychic spies at project stargate and remote viewing, with the ability to extend their consciousness to accurately describe. Project stargate was a secret unit of the united states military, which was dedicated to psychic phenomena and how it related to military intelligence.

Stargate or star gate is the umbrella name of a series of secret projects investigating remote viewing that were run by various intelligence agencies of the us. Project stargate 5 volume dvd collection (includes all 5 dvd’s): various contributors twelve of the world’s leading authorities on ufo's, so-called aliens, gods.

project stargate project stargate project stargate project stargate
Project stargate
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